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Terms and conditions

These terms apply to the interaction between Arctic Nutrition Oy (2688911-9) and customers. In the agreement text, the words "company" and "we," as well as references such as "us," always refer to Arctic Nutrition Oy. "You," "your," etc. refer to you, the customer.

By using the website and/or placing an order by phone or email, you accept the terms presented here. Ensure that you have read and understood the terms before making a purchase.
We reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice. The terms applicable to an order are those visible at an online store the time of placing the order.

1. Order
You can place an order on the website or by phone. After placing an order, you will always receive an email confirmation. We are not responsible for any issues arising from the non-receipt of email confirmations. Therefore, please ensure that you provide us with a correct and functional email address. By placing an order, you confirm that you are acting solely for private purposes.

2. Payment
We accept the following payment methods: debit card, credit card (online banking, and bank transfer). Payment methods vary depending on the delivery country of the order.

3. Representative Discount Code / Link
By using the discount code or link provided by a Representative during the purchase, you agree that your contact information will be shared with the Representative at the time of the order. This allows you to potentially receive offers and product discounts in the future.
The discount code cannot be exchanged for cash, and no interest accrues on the value of the discount code. The value of the discount code will not be credited, even if part or all of the ordered products are returned.
The discount code can only be redeemed at the time of placing the order. It cannot be used after the order has been paid. The discount code is non-transferable to another person. Unless otherwise specified, discount codes cannot be combined.

If you have used a discount code or Representative link in your order and you cancel your order or return products so that the total value of the order after cancellation or return is less than the value of the discount obtained through the code or link, we reserve the right to charge you the original price for the retained products.

4. Delivery and Return Terms
You can read the general delivery and return terms, as well as the complaint instructions, here.

5. Product Benefit
As a customer, you are entitled to a product benefit, the discount or quantity of which depends on the quantity of products you order. Products include all food items sold in the online store of the respective country.

  • For orders of 3-9 products, you can optionally add one (1) Flow energy drink at a 50% discount from the suggested retail price (RRP-price).
  • For orders of 10 or more products, you can optionally add one (1) Flow energy drink for free.
  • For orders of 24 or more products, you can optionally add two (2) Flow energy drinks for free.

Please note that you are responsible for modifying the content of your order and taking advantage of the product benefit during the order process. The product benefit cannot be utilised after the order has been dispatched.

6. Data Security
You are responsible for the security of your own computer, smartphone, or any similar device's information system. The privacy policy is a part of this agreement and can be found on our website.

7. Registration of Privacy Information
The company registers the information provided by the customer during the order into the database. In addition, individualised information about the customer is accumulated in the system.

8. Liability
The company is not responsible for errors resulting from improper handling of the product, negligence, failure to read package instructions, regulations, or other information provided by us, or any other neglect on your part.

The company is not responsible for damages, harm, or losses caused by incorrect delivery, non-delivery, or delays in delivery if the error or delay is due to a reason beyond our control or one that we could not anticipate. However, we strive to act quickly and flexibly to minimise any disruptions.

If the delivery of products has not proceeded satisfactorily due to technical maintenance or operational reasons beyond our control or that we could not foresee, we are not responsible for any damages. Nevertheless, we aim to handle actions quickly and flexibly to minimise disruptions.

The company is not liable for indirect damages, such as lost profits, reduced production or turnover, breaches of obligations to third parties, or loss of contractual benefit.

The company is not responsible for damages or consequences if we cannot fulfil our commitment to you due to circumstances (force majeure) beyond our control or that we could not foresee. In such cases, we are released from liability for damages and other consequences.

9. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This agreement is governed by Finnish law, and any disputes arising from the contractual relationship will be resolved in the Kymenlaakso District Court.

Company Information
Arctic Nutrition Oy
Kauppakulma 2nd floor
49400 Hamina
Business ID: 2688911-9

Edited on December 5, 2023


Delivery terms


1.1 Delivery costs
You can see the delivery costs in the price list below.
Delivery costs are always determined by the country of destination. The delivery prices are reviewed monthly and changes are updated in the price list. The delivery cost of your order is always indicated at the time of purchase.

Depending on the country of delivery and the delivery service, the parcel will be delivered either to a pick-up point or to the recipient's address. In the online store checkout, the delivery method can be selected according to the country of delivery.

Note: The price list only mentions countries to which we currently deliver orders. We update the price list as needed.

Price list
Country of destination Delivery cost 
Finland Posti Postipaketti: 8,90 €
Posti Kotipaketti: 14,90 €
Åland Posti Postipaketti: 7,18 €
(Invoice and delivery excluding value added tax.)
Sweden PickUp Parcel: 12,28 €
Germany Parcel Connect: 12,93 €
Bulgaria Parcel Connect: 20,45 €
No delivery to the Canary Islands
Parcel Connect: 19,90 €
Italy Posti Priority: 23,90 €
Austria Parcel Connect: 16,83 €
Greece Posti Priority: 39,79 €
Croatia Parcel Connect: 21,26 €
Lithuania Postal Parcel Baltics: 9,40 €
Luxembourg Parcel Connect: 16,69 €
Poland Parcel Connect: 17,22 €
Slovakia Parcel Connect: 20,45 €
Slovenia Parcel Connect: 20,78 €
Denmark PickUp Parcel: 13,55 €
Czech Republic Parcel Connect: 16,96 €
Hungary DPD: 24,90 €
Estonia Postal Parcel Baltics: 9,33 €

1.2 Delivery times

Estimated delivery times:
Finland 4-8 business days
Other EU countries 5-10 business days

The delivery period is deemed to start from the date of registration of the order at the logistics centre of the transport company.

We will send you an e-mail with a tracking number. You can receive a tracking number only if you have given us your correct e-mail address when placing the order. When the order is ready for collection, you will receive a notification from the carrier.

1.3 Combining orders
All orders are processed separately and cannot be combined with other orders.

1.4 Delivery delays
We are not responsible for delays or changes to deliveries caused by the carrier's failure to deliver. Please note that there may be shortcomings in the tracking of shipments and delivery times cannot be guaranteed. In some cases, the tracking of a shipment may be delayed because the shipment has stopped en route to await further transport.

1.5 Delivery methods

We offer two options for home delivery:

Posti Home package
Delivered to your doorstep at a time agreed upon with Posti. Delivery is available in most areas from Tuesday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. In some areas, evening delivery between 4:00 PM and 9:00 PM is also possible. You can track the delivery using the tracking code.

Express Package
The Express Package includes one delivery attempt. If the recipient is not available, we will leave a notice and take the package to the nearest available pickup point, where it will be held for 7 days. Unclaimed packages will be returned to the sender.

Collection point / parcel locker
The order can be collected within seven business days in Finland. In other countries, the collection time may vary. You will be notified about the collection time by the delivery company.

Home delivery
All deliveries include at least one attempt of home delivery. The delivery time is not agreed in advance. If the recipient cannot be reached, an arrival notification is left and the consignment can be picked up at the carrier’s service point.

The retention period for a parcel after attempted delivery is usually seven business days, depending on the country of delivery. You will get further information about the retention period from the carrier.

1.6 Unclaimed orders

Any order not collected or received will be returned to the Company. We charge a country-specific delivery fee for this purpose (price list 1.1).

Returned orders are kept for re-delivery for 30 days. After this period, the order will no longer be re-delivered

Please contact Customer Service as soon as possible by e-mail to arrange re-delivery. We will charge double the standard delivery fee for re-delivery (price list 1.1).

Failure to collect the package does not constitute a return; instead, the Company must be notified of returns separately. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, returning the goods without notice or failure to collect the package does not constitute a return. The return must be made in accordance with the return instructions.

Failure to collect the package does not constitute termination of the registered customership, which must be done in writing.


You have a 14-day right of withdrawal* in accordance with consumer protection legislation, starting from the receipt of the shipment. The return applies only to unopened, saleable products. Returning products without prior notice or failing to collect the order is not considered a return according to consumer protection legislation.

*The right of withdrawal for Premium and VIP customers, as well as Easy automatic subscribers, applies to the first order. In subsequent orders, the right of withdrawal applies only to those products that have not been previously ordered. Read more detailed instructions in the terms and conditions of these memberships.

This is how you can return products:

  1. If you want to return your order, please contact us by e-mail
  2. Send the products according to the below instructions
    NOTE: The shipment must always be returned to the country from which it was originally sent to you. Please contact customer service to confirm whether you should return it to Finland or to Germany.
  3. Ask for a receipt for the shipment and keep it until the shipment has been handed over to the Company. The receipt is proof of the return of the shipment.
Contact details:
+358 (0)5 229 6777

Term: The return must be made through the same transportation company that originally delivered the order. The return is subject to a fee, and the shipping costs according to the above price list (price list 1.1) will be deducted from the refunded total amount of the returned order.

POSTI: Customer return 604240, Arctic Nutrition Oy
POSTNORD: Please contact Customer Service via email to receive return instructions.

Contact details: Sweden /
Other countries
+358 (0)5 229 6777
Please contact Customer Service via email to receive return instructions.
Term: Returns are subject to a fee and the customer pays the freight charges directly at the carrier's office when sending the parcel.

We will refund your payment within 14 days of receiving the products. The refund will be made to the same payment method used to pay for the order.

The refunded final amount for the returned order or product will be deducted by the shipping costs according to the above-mentioned price list (price list 1.1). When exchanging your ordered product for another, we will charge the shipping costs according to the price list (price list 1.1).

For Premium and VIP orders, the right to return and exchange products only applies to the first order. You can read the customer contract terms and conditions for more details.


If the subscriber's contact information is incomplete/incorrect, we will charge double the standard delivery fee for re-delivery according to the price list (price list 1.1).


Please carefully inspect the shipment. If you notice any visible damage to the shipment upon delivery, please immediately inform the person delivering the shipment. If the order is damaged or incorrect in terms of its contents, please make a written complaint to the customer service email within at least 14 days of receiving the product.

Damaged/incorrect shipments or products should be retained for possible return.

Sufficient photographs of the damaged/incorrect shipment or product should be taken and attached as an appendix to the notification made via email.

Customer service email:

We reserve the right to change rules, terms, and prices. Any changes and additions related to the agreement will always be made to these terms and conditions.

Edited 15th of March 2024

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