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Decide what kind of a life you want to live, and what kind of a person you want to become. Arctic Nutrition gives you a growing environment that you need for building success. No matter where you’re starting from.

- Juha Mandelin

Juha Mandelin

Country boy, automation engineer.

I first became acquainted with the Finnish opportunity in spring 2004. I was studying to become an automation engineer in Kotka, aiming for the top of the world of automation. I had been working at Stora Enso as an automation installation equipment for several summers already. I had previously been acquainted with two foreign companies in the field of referral marketing. I was interested in the opportunity to be an entrepreneur at no risk, but however with unlimited possibilities. However, due to my previous experiences, I was really sceptical.

When a friend of mine called to schedule a meeting, I knew it was about a Finnish company. I was very interested in that. I thought: could something come from Finland and Hamina that influences this field? Then, I went to watch the short presentation, after all, I had nothing to lose.

The high-quality products and their domestic origin impressed me, although at that point I didn’t believe that everything I was told was true. Somehow I had to test these products: were they any good?

I was 22, so I didn’t expect any of my own amazing product experiences but instead tested the products among my friends and acquaintances. Inspired by positive experiences, my dreams started to take shape again. My dreams about building freedom had previously made me join two companies.

Could this be the company with whom I could build a future, and could I really trust these people? I decided to really make an effort, and that decision changed the rest of my life.

Back then, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and it was better that way because otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have dared to do it, nor would I be here today. I didn’t know how much effort I’d have to make to make myself successful in this field. As a country boy, I had been used to only opening my mouth a few times a day. What I felt most comfortable with was technological equipment.

In 2005, I had my last summer stint as an automation installation technician at Stora Enso. After that, I decided to venture into the world on my own. I can clearly remember my last workday when I signed out on 26.08.2005. I remembered that date, and I decided that if I didn’t make a serious effort, I’d never forgive myself. By then, I had already been earning about 1500 EUR monthly from this company with part-time work and I had seen the efficiency of the products as well as customer satisfaction. I believed that this could really be built into a huge Finnish success story.

I was working hard, and I decided to focus on studying. I went to study abroad, and I invested in myself a lot alongside my day job. I was constantly challenging myself. I believed that as long as I keep developing and obtain the necessary skills, I can achieve my dream life. Often, I wished that everything and my own development would happen more quickly. I was often frustrated at how slowly I was developing. I faced myself and my weaknesses. In hindsight, all of the growing pains related to development and growth have been extremely valuable and changed my life completely. The significance of the Arctic Nutrition business in my life has been so big I couldn’t measure it in money.

“Decide what kind of a life you want to live, and what kind of a person you want to become. Arctic Nutrition gives you a growing environment that you need for building success. No matter where you’re starting from.”

In 2012, I took my next big step. Together with the others at the company, we decided to take the business to an international market. I had the honour of working as the person responsible for bringing development ideas to the boardroom and developing operations to a level from where we could aim for the international market.

In 2015, we launched our field operations on the German market. I was like an apprentice when we first flew to Germany to hold presentation events. Without any international experience and with non-existent language skills. Back then, I’d never have believed that one day, I’d be responsible for the field operations in Germany and for all the training that is organised for German managers.

The journey so far has been absolutely amazing. I’ve met incredible people, made a lot of new friends and learned skills that are useful in all areas of life. I’ve been able to be involved in international business, sharing unique Finnish features with the world, influencing the lives of thousands of people and improving their quality of life. I’ve been organising training trips to Dubai, and often participated in international training events with amazing people, trained by the best coaches in the world. I’ve experienced unforgettable moments with my team.

The most amazing part of it all that the journey is only just beginning. The company has created an amazing international brand and business model, and the product development team will be launching some remarkable new things in the coming years. We have found our place on the market, and we will be able to offer the special features of Arctic nature to the entire world.

Arctic Nutrition has brought so much goodness into my life and the lives of many others that I could never have imagined. I’ve repeatedly seen how it can really turn your life upside down, even if you don’t believe in it at first. I’m a living example of it. Life is short, don’t give up on your dreams!

“Life is short, why be afraid and come up with excuses?””

I’m immensely grateful for being able to do work where I can help people feel better, and find a way to build wings for my dreams. Luckily, my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to find out more about this business.

There is power in a team, making it possible to achieve unbelievably big things. By working together, we will make Finnish berries known all over the world.

Welcome to our growing team!