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Completely natural Flow energy drinks. Discover your favorite flavor or create a new one by mixing flavors. Refreshing, tasty, and effective!

Flow Energy Drink / Lingonberry

Best before: 11.2.2025

Price: 21,31 €

Flow Energy Drink / Sea Buckthorn

Best before: 4.2.2025

Price: 22,85 €

Flow Energy Drink / Bilberry

Best before: 20.7.2024

Price: 24,20 €

Flow Energy Drink / Sea Buckthorn

Natural energy for all moments.

Sea Buckthorn Flow - energy drink gives you a boost in your every day without unnecessary additives or added sugar. Natural caffeine keeps your alertness up, and sea buckthorn oil nourishes your skin. It contains plenty of fatty acids, promotes skin elasticity and cell renewal, and activates collagen production.

The product has a refreshing taste and is therefore well-suited for, for example, cold summer drinks and refreshing smoothies to add color and energy!

All of our Flow energy drinks are developed with triple power, so you'll get more from the product than you can imagine. Try it as a workout enhancer, and you'll soon notice that it gives you an extra boost in your performance.

The product is packed in 20-gram sachets, which are convenient to use and carry with you. Just mix it with water, and your refreshing drink is ready to be enjoyed – anywhere!

Single-serve sachet 7 x 20g

Best before: 4.2.2025

VAT price

22,85 €

Flow Energy Drink / Bilberry

Natural energy for every day

Bilberry Flow is a natural energy drink that sustains your vitality. It contains plenty of natural energy from guarana and green tea. Each serving uses a handful of tasty bilberries and blackcurrants. Ideal for beverage mixes, smoothies, or for consumption as is. All Flow energy drinks are designed with triple power, offering more than you can imagine.

The product is packed in 20-gram sachets, which are convenient to use and carry with you. Simply mix with water, and your refreshing drink is ready to be enjoyed – anywhere!

Single-serve sachet 7 x 20g

VAT price

24,20 €

Avoid unhealthy energy sources. Enjoy natural energy combined with a large amount of vitality-packed nutrients.

Advocating for the world's best nutrients
since 1997

From Arctic Finland
Well-being from the world's happiest country

Reliable vitality
and thousands of nutrients in variety

Dietary Supplements


Ensure your own and your loved ones' well-being - trust in our natural and high-quality products and enjoy a carefree everyday life.

Dietary supplements / Elixir

Daily cell protection
Energy and endurance!
Helps support the body's natural resistance

Elixir combines the superpowers of nature. Six berries and four potent herbs create a unique combination.

Cell protection against free radicals is the cornerstone of well-being. By enjoying this wonderfully refreshing natural superproduct, you ensure your body's cell protection every day of the year!

Black currant
Sea Buckthorn
  • 450 ml
  • Gluten free / Lactose free / Vegan

VAT price

59,50 €

Dietary supplements / Arctic Sun

Enjoy a bit of sunshine every day

Natural and strong vitamin D3
Good for your bones and teeth
Supports immunity
Includes sea buckthorn berry, rich in vitamin C, which enhance the absorption of fat-soluble vitamin D

Everyone needs vitamin D in one way or another. With Arctic Sun, you can easily and conveniently get your internal sunshine. The product combines vitamin D and vitamin C-rich sea buckthorn, making it a real powerhouse.

The tablets are chewable and taste like fresh sea buckthorn.

  • 100 pcs / 83,5 g / 50 μg
  • Tyrni
  • Gluten free / Lactose free

VAT price

22,72 €

Dietary supplements / Arctic Oils

Soft fat that is easy to use

All essential fatty acids
Boosts mental clarity
Promotes joint mobility

This high-quality fatty acid product contains all the beneficial fatty acids for joints and the brain. We've added domestically sourced, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich berries to Arctic Oil to support the fatty acids. We've enhanced the preservation of fatty acids with potent rhodiola and rosemary, which support the function of the oils and keep the fish oil wonderfully fresh. A targeted product for the well-being of skin and hair.


Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
Eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA)
Stearidonic acid (SDA)


Linoleic acid (LA)
Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)


Oleic acid (OA)

This product has Friend Of The Sea certification

The certification ensures that we contribute to the preservation of the marine ecosystem, and the fish oil we use originates from responsibly harvested fish stocks.

  • 100 pcs / 75 g
  • Black currant
  • Gluten free / Lactose free

VAT price

40,21 €

Dietary supplements / Arctic Extreme

Cherish your well-being with superfoods

Two of the world’s most efficient superfoods join forces
For athletes and people on the go
To support weight control
Extensive nutrient content
Arctic quality from Hawaii

Arctic Extreme is designed to function as an effective nutritional supplement to support a normal diet. The product is natural and suitable for the whole family.

In Extreme, blueberries work synergistically with another world-famous superfood - Spirulina. An unbeatable combination of nutrients full of the primal power created by nature's extreme conditions!

With Extreme, you ensure the intake of nutrients for your body in a secure and comprehensive way.

  • 100 pcs / 58 g
  • Bilberry
  • Gluten free / Lactose free / Vegan

VAT price

44,23 €

Dietary supplements / Arctic Booster

Enjoy a new sense of vitality

Nature’s own energy bomb
Supports alertness of the body
The noni fruit maintains the normal function of the immune system
Excellent absorption

Are you looking for more energy in your daily life? Do you want to sleep well and peacefully? Arctic Booster is designed to balance and cleanse your body's natural functions.

Cranberry and the tropical Noni fruit form a powerful combination for you seeking balance and energy.

Our Noni fruits grow in the world's purest and most exotic areas, such as Fiji and the Pacific regions.

We handpick the fruits and take good care of them throughout the entire manufacturing process. This way, the valuable nutrients remain untouched and strong for you.

  • 60 pcs / 35 g
  • Gluten free / Lactose free / Vegan

VAT price

45,46 €

Dietary supplements / Arctic Vital

Vitality and well-being for every season!
Naturally protect and boost your immunity.

Contains Vitamin B12 which helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion
Supports natural immunity
Growth factors, vitamins and trace elements
Helps to recover after sports events

Arctic Vital provides immune support throughout the year. It also works well as a recovery aid for those with an active lifestyle.

In this super product, the super berry blueberry and the immunity-rich colostrum are combined. Colostrum is the first milk produced by a cow just after giving birth. It is so packed with antibodies that it protects the calf from a wide range of infections. The effects are so compelling that there have been several studies on colostrum.

Arctic Vital contains a generous amount of this nutrient-rich marvel. Give it a try and incorporate it into your routine year-round!

  • 100 pcs / 90,5 g
  • Mustikka
  • Gluten free

VAT price

44,82 €
Arctic Nutrition Finland Kauppalehti Menestyjät Susijengi Premium Quality Made in Finland