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Soft fat that is easy to use.

Arctic Oils


Fish oil and berry seed oils


  • All of the essential fatty acids
  • Fuel for thought
  • Increased mobility for joints
  • Excellent for skin and hair
  • Sea buckthorn and blackcurrant seed oils, rose-root and rosemary

  • 100 pcs / 75 g
  • Gluten free / Lactose free

Manufacturing method preserving vitality

Nutritional supplements do not substitute for a versatile and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

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40,21 €

The brain and joints need good fats. Arctic Oils is full of them. All essential fatty acids as well as valuable berry seed oils.

This is as good as a fatty acid supplement can get. Take Arctic Oils every day and enjoy its effects.

Arctic Oils has been granted the prestigious international Friend Of The Sea certification.

The certificate ensures that we do our part in preservation of the marine ecosystem and the fish oils we use originate from responsibly fished fish stocks.

OMEGA-3 fatty acids

OMEGA-6 fatty acids

OMEGA-9 fatty acids



The oils of your life

Omega fatty acids have been proven to be essential. Our brain, heart, and joints need them. Day in and day out. We developed Arctic Oils to be potent and have the right composition.

To support fatty acids, we added Finnish berries (sea buckthorn and blackcurrant) rich in vitamins and antioxidants. We enhanced the retention of fatty acids with the potent rose-root and rosemary. They support the effect of the oils and keep the fish oil wonderfully fresh.

Arctic Oils

ARCTIC OILS (Fish Oil, black currant, sea buckthorn, roseroot, rosemary)
nutritional information

All nutrients co-operate with each other within our system. Therefore they need each other. That is why, in our products, we use natural raw materials that amaze with the broad spectrum of the nutrients.

Nutritional Information 2 capsules
(recommended daily dosage)
Omega-3 fatty acids
Fatty acid EPA264 mg
Fatty acid DHA178 mg
Fatty acid ALA40 mg
Fatty acid SDA2,5 mg
Omega-6 fatty acids
Linoleic Acid (LA)115,5 mg
Gamma linolenic acid GLA28 mg
Omega-7 fatty acids
Palmitolic acid PA12 mg
Vaccenic acid3 mg
Omega-9 fatty acids
Oleic acid OA46 mg
Roseroot20 mg
Rosemary20 mg

The nutritional information of this product is based on laboratory analyses commissioned by producers, known average figures of the used ingredients, and calculations based on commonly known and accepted data.

Nutritional values of natural products are generated from average figures of nutrient amounts, and there may be some variation depending on the growth conditions and/or texture of the ingredient.

Arctic Nutrition is not responsible for possible errors occurring in the information. The customer is solely responsible for the interpretation of data and conclusions to be drawn therefrom. If you follow a special diet, consult with your doctor or dietitian.

Only the Best!

In order for valuable natural raw materials to retain their vitality, we process them properly. We invest in quality and functionality to ensure our clients get everything they need and get value for their money. We have recognized the importance of vital nutrients and manufacturing methods, honouring them for as long as we have existed: Ever since 1997.

Arctic quality guarantee


We use ingredients straight from nature, such as berries and fruit.


Our products only contain the most nutritious parts of the ingredients


We protect the ingredients during the manufacturing process, preserving the delicate nutrients.


We manufacture our products in accordance with the international GMP and ISO quality standards

Arctic Nutrition Finland Kauppalehti Menestyjät Susijengi Premium Quality Made in Finland