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The history of Arctic Nutrition dates back to 1997, which was when we first started to develop our vision for the future.

Our journey has been extensive, eventful, and exciting. At the beginning we were incomplete in many ways, yet we knew that we wanted to develop and produce efficient wellness products that would allow people to improve the quality of their life, and enhance their well-being.

We faced many challenges from the very start of our business. Three years after we began our operations, the only one of the founders of the company still with us was our current CEO Teemu Penttilä.

Arctic Nutrition® is a pioneer from Finland. We believe that every one of us has a growing need – and the right – for better well-being.

Our task is to offer wellness everywhere across the world. The Finnish Arctic nature provides the best starting point for this.

We have been producing high-quality wellness products since 1997. All our Wild Food products contain powerful berries and herbs originating from the nature of Finlands’ Arctic region. Every product is an important part of the whole.

Our international cooperation network ensures that we always have at our disposal the most comprehensive and updated nutritional know-how and research data, and our products are always made to the highest quality standards.

Wild food, matured in the Arctic nature during the short vegetation period under the midnight sun is abundantly packed with nutrients. It combines primal potency of nature and the healing effects of ancient folk remedies.

We offer you the best possible raw materials so that you yourself are able to experience the power and wellness provided to you by the treasures of the Nordic nature.

We believe that each one of us needs easy and simple access to a daily dose of vital nourishment to cope with our busy schedules. Our passion is to spread this core idea among all of us.



The unique climate of Finland, the impact of the Gulf Stream, and the untouched nature create the best growing environment for berries and herbs.

This is the difference that the Arctic makes.


Team Arctic: 1. Teemu Penttilä (CEO) 2. Milla Seppälä (Financial Manager) 3. Karri Holmberg (IT Manager) 4. Katja Finnilä (AD) 5. Elisa Nobe (Web Designer) 6. Taru Jongsma (Customer Service) 7. Emmi Laulainen-Mäkilä (Customer Service) 8. Helen Laas (Customer Service) 9. Elina Penttilä (Executive Assistant) 10. Jose Hirvonen (IT Correspondent) 11. Joni Finne (IT specialist) 12. Jouni Kallio (Video Production) 13. Tuomas Petsalo (Video Production) 14. Tuija Hämäläinen (Warehouse keeper)

Team Arctic

We are a small and a close-knit team, joined by the passionate quest of bringing the wild food from Finland’s Arctic to each and every person.

We believe that we have a clear vision and understanding about how we can help other people to find wellness and balance in their life.

We are particularly proud of the fact, that in addition to our core team, we employ representatives in Finland, Germany, Sweden and Estonia.