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We wanted to build an Arctic family helping millions of people around the world to live healthier and richer lives.

Many considered our plans to be ramblings of village idiots.
They were wrong...


Arctic Nutrition got started when I had to learn, through illness of my loved ones, how important it is to understand the functioning of cells and how crucial is their well-being for living a long and happy life.

I was tremendously inspired by what I had learned – and surprised of how little people knew about such important things.


Fuelled by youthful enthusiasm and with no real understanding of business, the company stumbled on the verge of bankruptcy for the first five years, taking small steps forward. There was not enough money even to pay the bills.

Over the years, however, more and more people became enthusiastic about the opportunity to promote people’s well-being that Arctic offered, and the company started to grow.


The company was built around three principles. We wanted to:

To be the best in our field, to offer people the opportunity for active participation in the company and its journey, and to become known for high-quality products.

Based on these factors, referral marketing was chosen as the distribution channel for our products and services. It offered the best conditions for maintaining the basic principles of the company.


Through the hard work and devotion of our team, Arctic Nutrition has managed to create a global network of business partners that has made possible the development of a first-rate product portfolio. We presently operate in 23 market areas and are looking for new ones.

An efficient and competent team of professionals in various fields has formed at the company, whose resources are currently focused on the development of new innovations and services.

Check out Team Arctic here.


Our present objectives include expansion to new market areas, developing into a major player in the industry and becoming known as a company that brings uniquely advanced innovations to the market, helping millions of people around the world to live richer and more viable lives.

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