Natural energy drink – Arctic Nutrition Flow gives you energy

Arctic Nutrition has developed an innovative and natural energy drink. The triple effect of this new kind of product is based on the combined effect of the ingredients. Flow energy drink keeps the state of alertness high, helps your body to feel well and also affects beauty with the help of antioxidants.

Arctic Nutrition Flow
  • No added sugar
  • Vegan
  • Milk free
  • Gluten free
  • Does not contain taurine
Arctic Nutrition Flow is an energy drink that affects your well-being

The skin is the largest organ in our body. One of its most important tasks is to act as a "shield" against the external influences that we are exposed to every day. These include, for example, various chemical compounds, environmental pollution and UV radiation.

Antioxidants stop the destruction process of free radicals on the skin. We need more antioxidants than our body can produce.

Read Arctic Nutrition Flow experiences

Teija Flow

Flow changed my perception of energy drinks

When I first heard about Flow, I thought I would never use it because it's an energy drink. I had a negative perception of energy drinks, and how artificial and synthetic most of them are. However, my mind was changed when I got to know more about what Flow contains. I realized that it is definitely a great drink that increases my well-being every day. 

Flow works as a great thirst quencher and energy booster in the summer. Flow has given me a good, long-lasting energy, and I also notice that my mind is more enthusiastic in different ways, even in everyday life. I've also noticed the positive benefits in my skin, it's no longer as surface dry, and even the elasticity has increased, although it should start to decrease at this point in age.

Teija, 51 years, certified nutrition advisor

Sanna Flow

My skin feels better and my metabolism works

Flow has given a lot of energy since the beginning. Mornings and workouts start with Flow. With Flow, energy levels stay high for a long time. Training performance has improved and I am more efficient in the mornings and wake up faster. My skin has also been better and my metabolism keeps moving. Flow is versatile. We're not just talking about an energy drink, which is a better option, but actually a three-effect "back to basics" product, which is natural.

Sanna, 33 years, chef, personal trainer, welfare sector entrepreneur

Satu Flow

Arctic Nutrition Flow helps with weight management

Flow gives wonderfully some energy to the day. I use Flow in many different ways: e.g. in morning smoothies, as a refreshing drink throughout the day (my favorite is Flow + ice-cold mineral water), as a substitute for coffee (coffee no longer tastes like it used to). I've even used Flow as an ice cream topping and Tyrni-Flow for skin care.

Flow is a natural energy drink that helps you stay energetic throughout the day. It tastes good and I like all the flavors. I am especially glad that it conveniently gives you the beneficial effects of berries. Flow is easy to take with you anywhere and is easy to use. 

Satu, 56 years, personal trainer, nutrition coach

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